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Educational Savings Accounts

How do I qualify for the Iowa Educational Savings Account (ESA) program for BHCS tuition for the 2024-2025 school year? 

There are four ways to qualify for the ESA for the 2024-2025 school year:

  1. If your child is entering kindergarten at the beginning of the 2024 school year, regardless of income.  In this case, out of pocket for kindergarten will be around $500 after ESA funds are applied (Tuition is $8,300 minus the ESA amount of around $7,800 will result in a net out of pocket of $500 for kindergarten students).  

  2. If your child is entering grades 1st-12th and your household meets the income guidelines of 400% federal poverty level or below. 

    The federal numbers are here:  


2024 Per Year Federal Poverty Level Guidelines
Household/Family Size 400%
1 $60,240
2 $81,760
3 $103,280
4 $124,800
5 $146,320
6 $167,840
7 $189,360
8 $210,880
9 $232,400
10 $253,920


  1. If your child is entering grades 1st-12th and is new to the BHCS system, regardless of income.  In this case, out of pocket for grades 1st-12th will be around $2,100 (per child, up to two) after ESA funds are applied (Tuition is $9,900 minus the ESA amount of around $7,800). 

  2. If your child received an  ESA in the 2023-24 school year. You are required to complete a new ESA application for next school year. CLICK HERE to access your profile. 

All new Iowa families that enroll after the ESA application deadline after June 30: Tuition will be $8,300 for Kindergarten and $9,900 for 1st-12th grade. These families could be eligible for a 7.6% Adjusted Gross Income tuition discount. 


Nebraska & South Dakota Residents

All current families will remain frozen at their 2023-24 out-of-pocket cost for the new year (unless adding an additional student). This excludes all one-time scholarships. 


1st-12th grade: $9,900 (same as 2023-24)

Kindergarten: $8,300

Preschool: $5,200

3-Year-Old Preschool: $6,300 for P3 program five full days each week (the same as 2023-24). This program is offered at Holy Cross St. Michael's location only. Additional rates for the P3 program are Monday-Friday morning only at $4,500 or M-W-F only at $2,700. 

  • All new Catholic families who are members of a Sioux City Catholic Parish or St. Michael's in South Sioux City. 
  • $3,000 minimum and not to exceed the maximum amount of $9,900 for 1st through 12th grade students and $8,300 for Kindergarten students. Fourth child is free. 
  • No fees for technology, non-Catholic or high school $100 activity passes. 




Tuition Payment Info

All payments begin in August!

1. 10-month payment plan with minimum of 1/10 of family total balance beginning in August and completed in May 2025. 

2. Tuition paid in full by August 31. 

3. Two equal payments by August 31 and before the start of the second semester. 

Financial Assistance

1. Local merit-based scholarships application for freshmen and upperclassmen. 

2. Raise Right (formerly SCRIP). 

Do I need to complete a TADS application? 

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